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  • Glyphosate
  • 1.Glyphosate

    Glyphosate: 95PCT ALFA SAIGON Non-selective systemic herbicide, absorbed by the foliage, with rapid translocation throughout the plant. Inactivated on contact with soil. Control of annual and perennial grasse...  
    Category:-> Herbicides

  • Clethodim
  • 2.Clethodim

    Clethodim  is pale yellow is control of annual and perennial broad-leaved veeds ,sedges and barnyard grassed in soybean ,rape ,cotton ,beet ,peanut ,cucumber and orchard. 95% TC and 24% EC  ...  
    Category:-> Herbicides

  • Metribuzin
  • 3.Metribuzin

            Metribuzin Features:1) Specification: tech, 70WP, 70WDG, 400SC2) Appearance: white powder, off-white powder, global granules, off-white suspension3) A.I content: 95% (min.), 70.0&p...  
    Category:-> Herbicides

  • Trifluralin
  • 4.Trifluralin

     Trifluralin: Specification: Technical: 95% Physical and chemical property: Appearance:orange red crystals ,melting point:48.5-49; vapor pressure:19.7mPa25,the solubility27is: in water1mg/l;in acetone:400...  
    Category:-> Herbicides

  • Thifensulfuron
  • 5.Thifensulfuron

    Thifensulfuron CAS NO 79277-27-3 General name Thifensulfuron-Methyl Structural formula   Properties white crystal , Melting point 176 Object soybean , maize Formulation 95%TC,15%,25%WP,75%WG...  
    Category:-> Herbicides

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