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NFPY(N-Fluoropyridinium pyridine heptafluorodiborate)

Product Categories: Medical Intermediate

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Product Description:

NFPy  (N-Fluoropyridinium pyridine heptafluorodiborate)
Molecular formulaC10 H10 B2 F8 N2
Structural formula: 

CAN Code:131307-35-2
Molecular Wt: 331.81
Desc.:Brown Cystalline Powder
To be used as a fluidizer/fluorinating agent, to make LIVIAL.

N-fluoropyridinium salts have been shown to be stable fluorinating reagents with the ability to fluorinate a variety of organic compounds. For example, T. Umemoto et al., "N-fluoropyridinium Triflate and Its Derivatives: Useful Fluorinating Agents", Tetrahedron Letters 27(37), 4465 (1986) report that these salts are useful in the fluorination of aromatic compounds and the conversion of enol silyl ethers to alpha-fluoroketones. T. Umemoto et al., "Base-Initiated Reactions of N-fluoropyridinium Salts; A Novel Cyclic Carbene Proposed as a Reactive Species", Tetrahedron Letters 28(24), 2705 (1987) report that N-fluoropyridinium salts can also be converted in to useful pyridine derivatives such as 2-chloropyridine.

This compound is useful in fluorinating organic compounds including aliphatic compounds such as 1-octyl magnesium bromide and enolate derivatives such as 3-pentanone enol acetate; alicyclic compounds such as 1-morpholino-1-cyclohe-ene, 1-morpholino-1-cyclopentene, 2-carboethoxy cyclopentanone and cyclohexanone trimethyl silyl enol ether; and aromatic compounds such as benzene and anisole.


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