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IF5(Lodine Pentafluoride)

Product Categories: Medical Intermediate

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Product Description:

Molecular formulaIF5 (Lodine Pentafluoride)
Relative Molecular Wt: 221.896
CAS Code: 7783-66-6
IMO cargo- Class 2.2 -
UN Number: /
Packing method: Steel Cylinder
Quality Standard:


Everstar QC Limit

IF5  %


IF7  &  releases free iodine  


IF5,Lodine Pentafluoride is a fluoride of iodine. It is a colourless or yellow liquid with a density of 3250 kg m−3. It was first synthesized by Henri Moissan in 1891 by burning solid iodine in fluorine gas.[2] This exothermic reaction is still used to produce iodine pentafluoride, although the reaction conditions have been improved.[3][4]
I2 + 5 F2 → 2 IF5
Iodine pentafluoride is a strong fluorination agent and is highly oxidative. It reacts vigorously with water forming hydrofluoric acid.
Primary amines react with iodine pentafluoride forming nitriles after hydrolysis with water.[5]
R-CH2-NH2 → R-CN

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