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Product Categories: Insecticide

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Product Description:








IGN: acephate
CHEM.NAME: O,S-DIMETHYL-N-ACETYL ammonium thiophosphate
FEATURE: Wide-spectrum, low-poison, long effective period, it has systemic effect, stomach, poisoning, contact poisoning and egg-killing effect.
TARGET PEST: Cabbage aphid, cabbage webworm, diamondback moth, grass leaf roller, rice delphacid, cotton aphid, small cotton measuring worm, cotton boll worm, peach fruit moth, oriental fruit moth, citrus pystershell scale, wheat army worm, maize army worm, oriental tobacco budworm

Packing:50kg/fiber drum, 200L/plastic drum




As a contact and systemic insecticide, acephate is effective against alfalfa
loopers, aphids, army worms, bag worms, bean leaf beetles, bean leaf
rollers, black grass bugs, bollworms, budworms, cabbage loopers,
cankerworms, corn earworms, cutworms, diamond back moths, European
corn borers, fire worms, flea hoopers, grasshoppers, green clover worms,
gypsy moths, horn worms, imported cabbage worms, imported fire ants,
lace bugs, leaf miners, leaf hoppers, leaf rollers, lygus, Mexican bean
beetles, Mormon crickets, oak moths, salt marsh caterpillars, soybean
loopers, spanworms, sparganothis, stinkbugs, tent caterpillars,
three-cornered alfalfa hoppers, thrips, tobacco horn worms, velvet bean
caterpillars, webworms and whiteflies.

It is also used for cockroach control (spot treatment only) in residential and
industrial buildings, insect control in forests and on tobacco, and as a golf
course spray, acephate is additionally used to control insects and aphids in ornamentals, where it has a reasonably broad spectrum.

Moreover, cleared for use on beans, cotton, head lettuce, celery, soybeans,
and peppers, it is also utilized for controlling parasites on cattle, goats, hogs,
horses, poultry, and sheep; where tolerances have been set for milk, eggs,
fat, and meat.

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